Did you know that not all types of fire extinguishers are appropriate for every space? Different types of extinguishers are needed based on the environment in which the extinguisher will be used. It is possible to extinguish a fire without damaging vital equipment or materials housed in the space. Obtain the correct fire extinguisher for your business so you can minimize collateral damage. Extinguish fires, not your business.

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When an emergency occurs, don’t be left in the dark, let FireDefense provide the monthly and annual emergency exit light inspections as required by NFPA 101.service and inspect emergency exit light systems. As a courtesy we will let you know if we see any potential fire hazards within your exit routes at the time of service.

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Be prepared at the first sign of distress. We install first aid kits and will keep them fully stocked with the items that you request regardless of the refill option that you select.

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High-risk areas may call for pre-engineered systems that can extinguish a fire quickly without dumping liquid on sensitive machinery or electrical equipment. We can help protect your company assets from collateral damage by installing the correct type of fire suppression system that meets your needs.

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North Carolina is home to a diverse and ever-changing business landscape. FireDefense’s life safety technicians can provide any organization with the equipment and system that’s right for their needs as well as compliant with state and federal codes. We take pride in being up-to-date with the latest products, techniques of installation and service and state regulations for all industries that we service.

Property Management

Whether your property is a historic brownstone or a gleaming new development, we can meet your fire protection and life safety needs.


Our products and maintenance systems are perfect for hospitals, outpatient healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical labs and other types of organizations that work with unusual or hazardous materials.


All types of businesses including manufacturing centers, warehouses, shipping and receiving centers depend on their equipment to function at all times. If a fire does occur, our goal is to keep your non-operational time to a minimum.

Retail Businesses

Restaurants, retail shops and service businesses can rest assure that we will provide fire and life safety equipment that is appropriate for the contents and space that meet code for the state in which you preside and is maintained at the appropriate intervals.


FireDefense is unique in that we believe that knowledge is power — we educate our customers about the types of fire protection services available, the consumer can make an informed choice.  Contact us today.