When emergency situations happen, having an emergency exit light system in place helps people safely find their way out by highlighting the exits of a building. Give your employees, residents and customers the peace of mind that they will never be finding their way out of a building in the dark.

How Our Emergency Exit Light Service Works

  1. We come to your location(s) and determine the number and types of emergency exit lights needed based on the location size and layout and on local, state and federal codes.
  2. We then install your system and set you up with our customer portal, where you can view your invoices, inspection reports, request maintenance and more.
  3. Our life safety technicians will perform the monthly and annual inspections required of emergency exit light systems by federal law.
    1. Once a month, the lights and signs will be tested for 30 seconds.
    2. Once a year, the backup battery will be tested for 90 minutes.

Each time we perform a service on your emergency exit light system, we will make a detailed report of the findings and post the report on your customer portal. We will schedule a follow up service if our reports find any deficiencies, and you can schedule additional service at any time via your customer portal.


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