If your industry or equipment requires a suppression system, we have you covered. We approach suppression system installation like we do fire extinguisher installation — we match the system to the hazard that will fight the fire source effectively while minimizing collateral damage.

Inspecting Suppression Systems

Federal law requires annual inspections of suppression systems and semiannual inspections of the extinguishing agent containers for content, weight and pressure.

  1. On an annual basis we will make sure the system is operational by checking the alarm, nozzles, fire detector and piping.
  2. Every six months we will make sure the containers have the sufficient amount of extinguishing agent.
  3. We also install the necessary signage around the suppression system and provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for employees in the event of discharge.

We will educate all employees about the suppression system we install so they can understand when the system is properly activated, any potential hazards and how to respond in the event of an emergency. We will review this training with every annual inspection, and information about your system is available at all times in your online customer portal.


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FireDefense is unique in that we believe that knowledge is power — we educate our customers about the types of fire protection services available, the consumer can make an informed choice.  Contact us today.